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Tokai DVD-550DX

DVD Player MPEG4
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Tokai DVD-550DX
Region Zone 2
Standard Pal/NTSC
Compatible Media CDs: DVD / DVD-R / DVD-RW / CD / CD-R / CD-RW
Formats: MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (Dolby Digital et DTS), MPEG3 (MP3), PCM (CD AUDIO), MPEG 4 (Version 3.11 / 4.02 / 5.01 / 5.02 / 5.05)
Integrated Audio Decoder No
Compatible with MPEG2 Dolby Digital et DTS
Video Out S-Video output
RCA Video
Video YUV
Audio Out Digital coaxial and optical outputs
Headphone output with volume control
Scart Adapter 1

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