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DVD Player
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* Dolby Digital and DTS compatible
* DVD-R, MP3, SVCD, VCD, JPEG and WMA compatible
* DivX compatible
* PAL Progressive Scan
* Component Video output
* Slim design
* PAL Progressive Scan
* Picture in Picture
* 1 x SCART socket
* Remote control
* Colour: Silver
* CDR/RW playback
* Allows the playback of recordable CDs and re-writable CDs
* Music can be downloaded from the internet or from a CD onto a PC quickly whilst retaining the digital quality
* Remote control
* Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
* Digital output type : COAXIAL & OPTICAL
* Output sockets : SCART
* Some UK players will play colour images on NTSC mode but only if a pure SCART signal (via a SCART lead & not using PHONO plugs) is hitting the back of the TV
* Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm : 49x420x267
* Enables you to playback DVDs recorded by a DVD recorder in DVD-R format
* Digital output format : Dolby digital & DTS

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