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Vision Liberty VLC7

Rotatable DVD Player
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Vision Liberty VLC7
In Car MULTI-REGION DVD with Battery & new MPEG4 support. German TÜV Crash Safety Tested DVD. Super value DVD player probably the best on the market for price and to top it all it comes with a Headrest system that straps to the headrests in your car instantly or between the two seats transforming it into a in-car movie player! DVD Audio CD MP3 CD-R CD-RW & CD Picture Superb styling When you get hold of the Vision Liberty youll be stunned at the style and look of the DVD Player. With its stylish patented headrest case and widescreen display the Vision Liberty not only does the business it looks the business too! Ready for car-use Whether youre indulging in a movie at home or in the car (itll plug into your TV) at work on your desk in a plane on a train or entertaining the passengers in your car (lucky things) this great little DVD player will fit the bill perfectly. I does what any other DVD player does and more RRP £299

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