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DVD Player
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The YELO 800DVD offers Auto sensing multi region, 5.1 decoding, MP3 playback, and a host of other features. This feature packed unit not only plays DVDs and CDs, but also MP3 CDs, Video CDs, Super Video CDs and CD-/CDR-RW media. The player also incorporates an AC3 decoder and digital audio output via optical and Co axial ports. The LCD display is lit in blue and sits above the players folding disc door. The rear of the unit sports a whole host of outputs, which include S-Video, RGB, SCART, and composite outputs. Audio outputs include down mixed stereo and a number of other down mixed audio options. The unit also has 6 phono sockets for decoded multi channel output. The player has a 4-speed picture search and chapter skipping facilities, and you can also find tracks sequences by track time etc. The YELO 800DVD features a track repeat function and you can also repeat between pre-defined points in a track. The player has 4x zoom, and Pan functions controlled from the remote handset

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