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Plain Paper desktop fax plus colour printing via USB
18096 Cordless: no
18096 Cordless/Portable/Non-Portable: non-Portable
18096 Exclusive product GB: no
18096 Feeder: yes
18096 Group: Group 3
18096 Maximum input size: A4
18096 Maximum modem speed in bps: 180
18096 Mercury Button: no
18096 Multifunctional: yes
18096 Paper Store: 100 metre
18096 Parallel Interface: no
18096 Print Technology: Inkjet
18096 Print speed: 6
18096 Serial Interface: no
18096 USB: no
18096 with Telephone or Answering machine: with Telephone
Cordless: no
Cordless/Portable/Non-Portable: non-Portable
Feeder: yes
Group: Group 3
Maximum input size: A4
Maximum modem speed (bps): 180
Mercury Button: no
Multifunctional: yes
Paper Store: 100 metre
Parallel Interface: no
Print Technology: Inkjet
Print speed: 6
Serial Interface: no
USB: no
with Telephone or Answering machine: with Telephone

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