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Olivetti FAX-LAB 270

Plain paper inkjet fax machine
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Olivetti FAX-LAB 270
Weight (kg)YesTotal weight in kg
Type of FaxYes.
Integrated telephoneYescombined fax and telephone in one product
Automatic Fax/Telephone switchYesThis facility enables the fax machine to decide whether the incoming call is either a fax or a telephone call and switch accordingly.
Paper capacityYesTotal paper storage capacity of the machine
Qwerty keyboardN/A
Telephone typeYesType of integrated telephone
Transmission reportYesThis feature provides proof that the transmission actually occured. It provides a print after each transmission stating the details of the receiver.
Page memoryYesIf your fax is out of paper, it will store this many pages in the memory
ECM (Error Connection Mode)YesIt detects errors during fax transmission and resends the page(s) of the document that had an error
Copy facilityYesThis feature allows copies of documents to be easily made on to thermal paper
Last number redialYesStores the last number you dialled in the immediate memory so that you can try that number again without dialling the complete number. Useful if the line you are trying to reach is permanently engaged.
Answer machineYesrecords messages
Pre-recorded answer machine messagesYesNo need to record your own answer machine message
Message received indicatorYesFlashing light to show messages are being stored until you have listened to them
Mute buttonYesAllows the user to speak to other people in the room in privacy without the person on the telephone being able to hear.
Speed diallingYesEnables quick dialing to your most frequently used numbers
Phonebook locationsYesAllows you to store all your frequently used names and numbers so you can access them quickly
Missed call listYesEnables you to view which numbers called you if you were unable to answer the phone
Built-in speaker phoneYesEnables you to talk whilst on the phone without having to lift the handset
Other Features greyscalesThe number of shades of grey the fax machine can accomodate/ reproduce
Up to 14 min - s Digital recording timemax time messages will be recorded
Broadcasting facilitySave time by sending single page documents to multiple locations
Sequential broadcasting facilityAllows you to send a multi-page document to multiple locations.
Remote access from tone telephonesEnables you to listen to messages and operate your answering machine even when youre away from home, using the keypad of a tone dialling phone
Day/time stampA built in voice tells you the time and day that each message was left for you. Ideal to have when you are going away for a few days or more.
Call screeningThis allows you to listen to whos leaving the message before you decide to pick up the phone.
Recall buttonUsed to re-route calls. Enables compatibility with BT start services and most PABXs.
Call barring facility.
Caller display compatibleYou can see the name and/or number of the person calling if stored in the directory. Caller display is subject to network selection - a quarterly fee maybe payable.
Hold button.
Incoming call listRecords the phone numbers of your received calls so you can see who has called if youve been out or away.
Skew freej
Outgoing call listSee what recent calls you have made using the handset
Ringer volume controlChange the volume of the phone ringer to higher or lower

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