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ACUVUE Contact Lenses £20.50
ACUVUE lenses are designed for 1-2 week wear and are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon). ACUVUE's thin lens design allows oxygen to be transmitted to the eye, keeping your eyes comfortable all day. ACUVUE contacts are easy-to-use and comfortable enough to wear for up to 7 consecutive days. ACUVUE contact lenses use an inside-out mark on the lens that helps you to insert the lenses correctly every time. ACUVUE lenses are slightly tinted, making the lens is easier to recognize and handle. ACUVUE lenses feature a high level of UV Blocking, which can help prevent eye damage resulting form ultra-violet light.
ACUVUE Contact Lenses
Biofinity Contact Lenses £31.50
New Biofinity® contact lenses are made from a unique, naturally water-loving material that helps them stay moist. Biofinity lens material is highly breathable, which allows greater levels of oxygen to freely flow through the lens, and helps keep your eyes clear, white, and healthy. CooperVision's patented Aquaform™ technology, optimizes the relationship between oxygen and water, creating a softer, more flexible lens material.
Biofinity Contact Lenses
1-DAY ACUVUE Contact Lenses £24.00
1-DAY ACUVUE disposable contact lenses are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon). 1-DAY ACUVUE contact lenses give you a fresh start every day with a new, clean pair of lenses resulting in the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contacts. Contact lenses designed to be worn on a daily disposable basis may provide improved comfort for patients with mild allergic discomfort and ocular itching. 1-DAY ACUVUE has the highest UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens and provides 88% of available oxygen to the eye. Lenses are lightly tinted blue so you can spot them in your lens case and insert lenses correctly every time.
1-DAY ACUVUE Contact Lenses
FreshLook ONE-DAY Contact Lenses £15.00
FreshLook® ONE-DAY incorporates Freshlook 3-in-1 COLORBLENDS technology on the Focus Dailies platform to create the first daily disposable color contact in the U.S. FreshLook® ONE-DAY lenses are daily disposable lenses, which provide the convenience of no lens care and the comfort of new, fresh lenses every day. Ideal for the part-time wearer An ideal option for people with allergies, because one-day use reduces the chance of the build-up of pollen and other deposits. FreshLook® ONE-DAY lenses are available in Gray, Blue, Green, and Pure Hazel 10 lenses per box Made by Alcon, formerly Ciba Vision.
FreshLook ONE-DAY Contact Lenses

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