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MICROSOFT Wedge Touch Mouse and Mobile Keyboard

Wedge Touch Mouse & Mobile Keyboard
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MICROSOFT Wedge Touch Mouse and Mobile Keyboard
With no bulb to rest your palm on, the Wedge Touch mouse takes a little more conscious effort to hold and move, and the flat surface doesnít guide your fingers onto it with bumps or depressions. Itís a bit like the mouse equivalent of a standing desk, with a stark disregard for conventional comfort. But its weight lets it slide easily while keeping movement even, and the sloped buttons have enough resistance that accidental clicks arenít a problem. I generally use a wired mouse, and I only noticed lag on one of the devices I tried an HP notebook running Windows 7.
The mouse also supports four-way swiping to scroll, a feature thatís a little less consistent. Horizontal swipes work well, as does downward scrolling, but trying to scroll back up produces uncomfortable friction or pushes the mouse across the desk. I also wasnít able to find a way to center-click, though I never found that limiting.
Strangely, though, the mouse doesnít use Windows 8ís gesture features beyond simple scrolling. That meant I wasnít able to swipe to bring up Charms or other functions, and pinch-to-zoom was nowhere to be found. Granted, you wouldnít be able to do any of these things on a traditional mouse either, but itís a huge missed opportunity to integrate new capabilities with a form factor that seems built for them.
Despite these issues, itís still considerably better than cheaper compact mice Iíve used, and it could replace a standard three-button for most everyday use. Itís supposed to last four months on a single AA battery, partly because of a power management system that automatically shuts it down along with your computer or puts it in a low-power state when idle. And people with moderately larger hands than mine shouldnít have trouble using it, though its size may not work for everyone.

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