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Observer TT

Observer Tt (Titanium)
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Observer TT
-12 / 24 hour clock
-3 daily alarms
-dual time
-stopwatch with 99 lap / split times
-range up to 9000m / 29500ft
-1m / 3ft resolution
-ascent / descent rate in m/min or ft/min
-altitude alarm
-logbook stores total ascent/descent, number of runs skied, etc.
-absolute pressure range 300-1100 hPa / 8.90-32.40 inHg
-sea level pressure range 921-1080 hPa / 27.25-30.80 inHg
-resolution 1hPa / 0.05 inHg
-stores data for last four days
-temperature compensation
-temperature range -20 - +60C / -5 - +140F
-unique feature to keep altitude from changing when unit used as barometer
-shows bearing in degrees and cardinal or half-cardinal point
-North-South arrow
-bearing tracking function displays locked bearing, actual bearing and the difference between these
-declination adjustment
-resolution: bearing 1, North-South arrow +/- 5
Other Features:
-waterproof to 100m / 330ft
-low battery indicator
-user replaceable battery
-backlight, electroluminescent

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