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Intellitouch Guitar Tuner

Feels the pitch through any surface or finish
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Intellitouch Guitar Tuner
Easy to use: clip it on sound a note tune!
Easy-on easy-off one handed clamp
Clip it on leave it on
Clamp swivels to let you fold it away
Remains in place between uses
High-contrast display in brightest stage or sun light
Responds like a VU meter but uses arrows
Lightweight and durable carry it anywhere
Intelligent recalibration: PT1: Customisable PT2: A=438Hz 440Hz or 442Hz
Stores your custom reference in the preset
Toggle between learn mode 440 mode and preset mode
One year limited warranty (Two years for PT1)
Stores in its own custom carry case

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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