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Widescreen Laptop
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Brand ACER
Processor Intel Celeron The entry level processor from Intel that can handle basic e veryday tasks such as home office use and basic 3D tasks.
Processor speed 1.5 (340) GHz The entry level processor from Intel that can handle basic e veryday tasks such as home office use and basic 3D tasks.
RAM 256 Mb Random Access Memory. The short term memory of the PC. The greater the amount of memory allows you to work on more pro grams at a time. Lots of memory is essential for gaming and video editing.
Records CDs 24x Allows you to store lots of information on a CD, great for storing MP3 music files and creating your own CDs
Records DVDs 4x (+-) Combo drive which has DVD RW/ DVD ROM/CD ROM/CD RW
Plays DVDs 4x (+-) This product will allow you to play DVD discs
Storage 40 GB Also known as the hard disk drive this is where all of the p rograms and files are stored such as games, music and video. Look for bigger storage if you are ging to be storing large files like music video and games.
Plays CDs 24x Drive enabling access to CD ROM data
Screen size 15.4" WXGA The size and type of the screen. Bigger screens help to get you more involved in what you are doing. Also look for X b lack screens for better picture quality.
Graphics card 64Mb SharedIntel 852GM Dedicated to storing information about images to be displaye d on your monitor
Built in wireless 802.11G Allows easy connection to a existing wireless network such a s in a office or even to any wireless hot spot. You could th en dowload your emails or surf the internet wirelessly.
Battery life tbc
Product weight (kg) 2.91 kg The weight of the laptop measured in KGs. Look for a light laptop if you are going to be using the laptop on the move.
Operating system MS WindowsXP The operating system of the laptop which is the filing syste m where all the files and programs are kept.
Built in Bluetooth Not featured
Media card slots Not featured
Plays TV Not featured
Play through TV Not featured
Built in Infra red connection Not featured
Ethernet 10 / 100 wired networking Also known as a ethernet card which provides the facility to connect to a wired network in the home or in a office.
Modem 56k Enables communication with others via the telephone line. A modem is used for the internet, e-mail, video-conferencing and faxing.
Sound card 16-bit The type of sound card in the computer. 2.0 = stereo speake rs, 2.1 = two small stereo speakers and one woofer bass spea ker. 5.1 = five small speakers and one woofer bass speaker to give realistic home cinema sound on your PC. Great for g ames and DVDs.
Speakers Yes .
Firewire No
USB port(s) 3x High speed data transfer connection between PC and peripherals
Floppy disk No
Other Features 1x PS/2 port(s) For connecting devices such as keyboard and mice
1 type II PC card slots Slots for connection of modems and other such devices
C Mobile office The grade of the laptops ability to work on the move. Impor tant factors are Centrino processor, longer battery life, li ghtweight and wireless LAN
C Video editing The grade of the laptops ability to edit videos. Important factors to consider are processor power, large graphics card and storage.
C Gaming The grade of the laptops ability to handle gaming. Importan t factors to consider are large graphics card, hard drive an d screen size.
C Home photography The grade of the laptops ability to handle home photography.
MS Works 7.0 Application Software The application software of the laptop.
Norton Antivirus To protect your laptop from viruses and malicious attacks

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