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Sonia Spencer Usher Wedding Pants

just in case you pull a bridesmaid
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Sonia Spencer Usher Wedding Pants
One of your best mates is getting married. There are loads of gorgeous women about (you might be with one yourself) and you are in the fortunate situation of being in a position of credence as an Usher (without having all of the worry of having to make a speech later on in the day). You are most definitely on to a winner.
For this reason you need to dress yourself with a pair of the Usher Pants.
Available in black or white, the Wedding Pants are not only very cheeky, but are really well made and very comfortable.
The Best thing about the Wedding pants is the little 'Condom Pocket' on the front. Not only could this prove to be invaluable as the wedding night draws on, but it also comes complete with the name of your role in proceedings on (just so the lucky lady know's exactly who she has pulled!!).
The Wedding Pants are available in medium and large.
They are made from 95% cotton, and 5% elastene.

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