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Adventure Company Sentinel Descendants In Time PC

Sentinel: Descendants In Time - PC Games
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Adventure Company Sentinel Descendants In Time PC
The Tastan people surrendered to extinction many years ago, their only legacy being the legendary Tastan Tombs. Much speculation surrounds the tombs, some say they hold valuable treasure, while others believe great wealth may be attained through the technology left behind by this advanced race. As Beni, players enter the Caverns on a dangerous quest for riches. Along his strange journey, he encounters a sentinel charged with guarding the tombs. This sentinel, a holograph programmed with advanced AI, awakens only when the tombs are disturbed. She appears to Beni throughout his quest, sometimes with a benign purpose, but other times with calculated intentions. Beni will soon realize that the sentinel is much more than she appears to be and her dark purpose threatens his very existence. Players will explore eight brilliantly inspired and diverse 3D worlds drenched in rich color. The game offers a non-linear style of gameplay and more than 20 challenging puzzles of varied difficulty.

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