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Alawar Magic Academy PC

Magic Academy - PC Game
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Alawar Magic Academy PC
"Our captivating new object hunting game will cast a spell of enchantment on you! As Annie, a freshman at the Magic Academy, you must investigate the disappearance of your sister during the previous school year. With the help of your instructors and a gifted classmate, youll learn to reveal hidden items, remove ancient spells and see the future. As you race against time, youll perform searches by candlelight, spot the differences between two pictures, and find objects by identifying their silhouettes. Theres never a dull moment at Magic Academy as you interact with its residents and move from one stunning location to the next. To provide even more thrills, a variety of mini-challenges are on hand between levels. Youll also enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack that will send goose bumps up your spine even as it tickles your ears. The door to Magic Academy is open. Will you step through"

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