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Ascaron City Life Deluxe PC

City Life Deluxe - PC Game
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Ascaron City Life Deluxe PC
From elegant villas in residential neighborhoods to imposing skyscrapers in the financial district, in City Life you can design and develop the city of your dreams. Its up to you to manage this city effectively, overseeing booming development while at the same time regulating the very delicate issues of pollution and traffic as well as the fine balance of utilities and entertainment for the different social classes that populate your town. Including the ""deluxe"" expansion giving you famous buildings to construct, this version also includes the easy to use building editor to create some of the wildest skyscrapers ever!
Wide open spaces as far as the eye can see, thats what all city builders start with, and City Life is no exception. Your job is to fill those rolling hills with skyscrapers, industries and people, in great quantities. Easy to pick up and play, the interface in City Life will let you take hold of your planning with a click of the mouse. Instead of being limited to the old square, right angled layout, you can position everything the way you want (we know that metropolises in the shape of your initials will follow). Upgrading can also be done at the click of a mouse, improving your town as you see fit.
But you should be careful on how you spend your money, your coffers arent limited after all. Everything costs money, and that includes maintaining that great looking building that has improved the moral of your whole area. Proper accountancy is a must but with on screen tools telling you exactly what is needed you wont be punished for any ignorance.
But dont read this as saying that the game in easy. Thanks to a rewards system based on targets and missions, that are a real challenge to meet, your grey matter will definitely get some stimulating when youre aiming for that gold medal rating.Obviously you have the traditional things that you need to manage; electricity, pollution, traffic, taxes, unemployment and the rest. But City Life gives you that extra element; the people. Youve got six different social classes to manage, each with their own likes and dislikes. In fact putting some people next to others will cause some serious friction. Make sure you have some firemen to put out the blazes after the riots!
And with all these people you can zoom in to street level to see your city through the eyes of your citizens. Easily the best way to absorb the beauty of the game and see all those little visual clues on how your citys districts are holding up. This download edition includes the "deluxe" expansion to City Life bringing up the total of pre-made buildings to a whopping 300 including 15 famous landmarks (Big Ben!!). And if that wasnt enough buildings you can even design your own with the building editor from over 3000 different blocks. Your imagination is the limit!

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