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Atari Axis And Allies PC

PC Games - Axis And Allies
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Atari Axis And Allies PC
Determine the fate of the world as you command the army, navy and air force of one of five world powers in the most dynamic WWII Real Time Strategy experience youve ever booted up. The start of the conflict is 1939. The end? Well, that all depends on you.
- Lead any one of the five WWII super-powers, each with their own unique and authentic weapons and capabilities
- Experience the entire scope of the war as you command land, air, and sea units across all theaters of the world
- Change the course of history through Dynamic Campaigns that never play the same way twice
- Test your mettle against the greatest generals and leaders from the era, including Rommel, Eisenhower, Yamamoto, Zhukov and Montgomery
- Challenge others online in instant action scenarios

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