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Atari B17 Flying Fortress 2 The Mighty Eighth PC

B17 Flying Fortress 2: The Mighty Eighth - PC Games
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Atari B17 Flying Fortress 2 The Mighty Eighth PC
The B17 bomber was the primary bomber used for long-range daylight bombing in World War II. B17 Flying Fortress lets you take control of any of the 10 individual positions of the plane, and puts you in command of an entire squadron of 12 bombers. The computer can take over unoccupied positions. B17 delivers a full WWII flight sim experience. As the bombardier, zoom in on targets 20,000 feet below to accurately destroy them. Swat down interceptors as a tailgunner. You can even escort the lumbering B17s in a fighter plane, or join the Luftwaffe and try to keep the bombers from delivering their payloads.

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