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Atari Best of Wheel of Time PC

Best of Wheel of Time - PC Games (Barcode EAN = 3546430011348).
5 out of 5
Atari Best of Wheel of Time PC
This action/strategy game is based on Robert Jordan's bestselling series of fantasy novels. Created with an enhanced version of the Unreal engine, Wheel of Time mixes first-person 3-D action with strategy and even a bit of role playing.
The huge world in which Wheel of Time takes place is lifted directly out of Jordan's pages. How you navigate the world will depend largely on whether you're in single-player or multiplayer mode.
In the single-player game, the story centres on Elayna Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower. Her goals in the single player experience are unique, and, as you work to achieve them, you'll uncover the seeds of motivation in the other three characters (the Leader of the Children of Light, the Forsaken and the Hound). These characters become more fleshed out in the multiplayer game.
The multiplayer game is your chance to take up the mantle of any of these characters. The important thing to remember, though, is that the other characters view you as an enemy. While you're scrambling to obtain two more seals, so is everyone else--and they won't think twice about looting your Citadel to get them.

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