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Atari Civilization III Conquests PC

Civilization III: Conquests - PC Games
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Atari Civilization III Conquests PC
Civ fans will discover intriguing new civilizations, units, wonders, technologies, and abilities to help them triumph in eight professionally designed conquests throughout history. Compete as one of the eight new Civilizations, each with its own powerful leader, unique units and special abilities, and lead your nation to its destiny. New victory conditions, Wonders of the World, terrain elements, resources, city improvements, and governments offer endless variation in your quest to rule the world. Improved multiplayer and play-by-email support, intense diplomatic situations, and a slew of editor enhancements, beefs up one of the best strategy games of recent times.
Players: 1
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
CPU: 400 MHz
CD/DVD Drive: 4x
Ram: 128 MB
Disk Space: 800 MB
Sound Card: Direct X 9.0b Compatible
Graphics Card: 4 MB VRAM Direct X 9.0b Compatible
Multiplayer: Internet (TCP/IP; 56 Kbps Modem or faster req) and LAN (TCP/IP or IPX) supported.

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