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Atari Horizons Empire Of Istaria PC

Best Of Atari - Horizons: Empire Of Istaria - PC Games
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Atari Horizons Empire Of Istaria PC
Welcome to Isatria, a land of limitless opportunity and adventure. Here, as one of the thousands that make up the Living Races, you will strive to co-exist under the eyes of Gods and Goddesses... and defend against the constant threat of the Undead hordes.
Enter this fantastic realm and experience a level of choice unmatched in the online role-playing world. Create a comprehensive online life that's uniquely your own.
For skilled artisans and brave warriors, recognition and fame await. At every step, control your destiny... and perhaps the destiny of others.
- Nine races - and the option to play as a Dragon.
- Enormous customization options - literally millions of combinations.
- Alliances and friendships to form with other online adventurers.
- Player-driven world of quests, invasions and cataclysmic events.
- Cinematic combat and magic within an advanced 3D graphics system.
- Dynamic commerce and guild systems driven solely by player contribution.

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