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Atari Top Spin PC

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Atari Top Spin PC
Developed by French games studio Power and Magic Development (PAM) - the creators of the original Xbox version - TOP SPIN is the complete virtual tennis experience. Players enter the world of top class international tennis, choosing their player from a wide range of licensed tennis stars, but defining their own playing style as they progress. Taking risks to pull off world class shots while working the crowd are part of the fun and frustration as they develop their own unique image on the most famous tennis courts in the world. Training with a coach will help players to master shots and a variety of playing surfaces as they work their way through the online rankings to become the best in the world.
TOP SPIN offers five-set singles or doubles matches with 16 of the worlds top professionals, including cover athletes such as Anna Kournikova and top ranking player Lleyton Hewitt.
TOP SPIN is the first game of its genre to offer massive internet-based multiplayer functionality as well as online rankings. LAN functionality is also available.

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