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Barbie Shelly Club Pack PC

Shelly Club Pack - PC Games
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Barbie Shelly Club Pack PC
This pack includes Shelly Club and Pet Parade. Shelly Club: Play in imaginary worlds of fun and adventure with Shelly, Deidre, Tommy, Chelsie and Belinda! Click on objects you find in the clubhouse for lots of fun games and activities to play. Pet Parade: Help Shelly and her friends being the cutest, plush pets to life and get them ready for the parade! Teahc your pets treicks and reward them with scrumptious snacks.
Players: 1
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
CPU: 233 MHz
CD/DVD Drive: 16x
Ram: 64 MB
Disk Space: 30 MB
Sound Card: 16 bit
Graphics Card: 16 bit at 640x480
Quicktime 5.0.2

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