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BBC Multimedia Bill And Ben PC

Bill And Ben for PC
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BBC Multimedia Bill And Ben PC
Catch a Nut
Bill and Ben have come up with an idea to help their friend, Scamper the Squirrel, store the nuts shes has collected for winter. Can you help them?
Fly with Pry
Pry the Magpie needs help. She lost some of her precious treasure as she flew over the rubbish dump. Bill and Ben come to the rescue in a special Kite, with you at the controls.
Pots and Pipes
Construct a maze of pipes to get Bill and Ben safely down from the roof of the House. The better the pipe maze, the more fun the slide.
Get creative with an exciting selection of paints, pencils and great Bill and Ben themed stamps. Choose pictures of the flowerpot men and their friends to colour in, or create and draw your own.
Bill and Ben have found some pots that make cool music. Play along with the radio or record your own tunes.
Watch your favourite television moments from Bill and Ben. The garden characters may be surprised to see themselves on TV.

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