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BBC Multimedia Bob The Builder 1 PC

Bob The Builder 1 for PC
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BBC Multimedia Bob The Builder 1 PC
Get Ready For Fun, excitement and laughs non-stop with Bob the Builder and his Team.
Hedgehog Rescue - Help Lofty build a tunnel under the road to save the stranded family of hedgehogs and then herd them through!
Travis' Race Day - Travis challenges Scoop and Dizzy to race against him.
Can We Build It? - Knock down an old bridge with Lofty's wrecking ball. Build it Up - Help Muck and his friends rebuild the bridge.
Wendy's Birthday - Cake-tastic - Decorate a cake for Wendy's birthday. Wild West Wendy - Join in the line-dancing with Bob and Wendy.
Four more great activities;
Plumbing Puzzle - Fix the correct pipes to the radiator - watch out for leaks!
Bubble Trouble - Help Roley flatten out the bubbles that are appearing in the new tarmac.
Scary Spud - Scare the crows away with Spud by blowing raspberries at them.
Where's Pilchard? - Pilchard is snoozing somewhere. Can you find her?
Different skill levels cater to a range of abilities and ages from 3 upwards

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