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BBC Multimedia Bob The Builder Builds A Park PC

Bob The Builder - Builds A Park for PC
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BBC Multimedia Bob The Builder Builds A Park PC
10 Different activities including:
Build a park with Bob - create endless exciting park designs adding ponds, band stands and flowers. and then view the park in all the different seasons and print out your design!
Skateboard Spud - Fix the broken sk ateboard with Bob and then help Spud perform amazing tricks and stunts!
Bob's Crazy Golf - Help Muck around a maze to collect the pieces he needs to create his golf course.
Farmer Pickles' Pets' Corner - Help collect food to lure the various animals into their correct homes!
Lofty's Squirrel Run - Help Lofty to build a run, so the hungry squirrels can reach their nuts.
Mr. Ellis' Dinosaur Discovery - Choose to build up to 3 dinosaur skeletons with Bob and Mr. Ellis.
Product Strengths
Str ong theme based around a building a park, relevant and appealing to target market.
Easy to play activities with different levels of difficulty.
Focus on interaction, enjoyment, fun and education.
A comprehensive voiceover providing help, informat ion, praise and encouragement.
Developed in line with National Curriculum Key Stages.
High quality pre-rendered representations of the characters

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