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BBC Multimedia Fimbles PC

Fimbles - PC Games
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BBC Multimedia Fimbles PC
Discover a world of fun with the Fimbles and their friends!
Feather: - Tickle the Fimbles to see what they do!
Suitcase: - Can you help Florrie pack the right items for her outing?
Footprints: - Can you guide the Fimbles through the maze...
Shimmy Shaker: - See what different tunes you can make!
Pebble: - Make a magical sandpit collage.
Fimbles Print and Play: - Create your own Fimbles pictures, invitations, greetings cards and more. With characters, borders and backgrounds to colour onscreen or print out and colour with crayons. Plus Finding games to print out and play at home.

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