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BBC Multimedia Tweenies 1 PC

Tweenies 1 for PC
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BBC Multimedia Tweenies 1 PC
Tweenies Ready To Play - Enjoy loads of great activities with the fun foursome!
Messy Time
Three fantastic print and play activities!
Paint - Get creative on your virtual canvas with the Tweenies' art tools.
Finger Puppets - Make puppets of Bella, Milo, Fizz, Jake, Judy, Max and Doodles and then create your own Tweenies story with them.
Masks - Mix and match eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hair to create up to 120 wacky masks.
Telly Time
Choose from a selection of video clips to watch with the Tweenies.
Song Time
Action songs - Sing and dance to the Tweenies' favourite songs.
Music and Dance - Play the Tweenies' instruments and help them dance.
And Many Many More Activities...

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