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Blizzard Diablo 2 PC

Diablo 2 for PC
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Blizzard Diablo 2 PC
Evil has survived...
Five Bold New Bold Character Classes: Battle hell's minions as the Amazon, Sorceress, Necromancer, Pladadin or Barbarian, each with unique skills and abilities.
Powerful New Weapons & Magic: Summon and command nightmarish creatu res, harness the elemental powers of nature and master the energies of light and darkness through arcane spells and enchantments.
Four Expansive Realms: Storm a vast underworld of twisted dungeons and uncharted wilderness as you journey across an immen se, ever-changing world.
Fiendishly Enchanted Multiplayer: Advanced battle net technology unleashes support for multiple players over the internet, including up-to-8-player quests, and player ranking systems.

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