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Cenega Knights Of Honor PC

Knights Of Honor, PC
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Cenega Knights Of Honor PC
Can you conquer medieval Europe?
Medieval Europe is a dark and dangerous place. To conquer it you must prove yourself a mighty leader, a great tactician and be more devious than your many enemies.
In Knights of Honor you lead armies into battle and build your empire with the help of your powerful knights.
More than 100 playable kingdoms with three historical periods on one of the largest and most detailed maps ever seen in a game.
6 different types of knight stand faithfully by your side: marshal, spy, merchant, landlord, builder and cleric.
Different battle scenarios that can be entirely controlled by the player with over 50 types of military unit and siege weaponry.
Extensive diplomatic options, such as white peace, non aggression pacts, trade agreements, alliances and marriages.
4 action-packed multi-player battle modes for up to 6 players.

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