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Cenega The Roots PC

PC Games - The Roots (PC)
Cenega The Roots PC
The Roots is an action RPG game allowing you to control the Hero and his Party Members. Combat is a very vital game element, but the game differs significantly from hack’n’slash titles.
Traveling throughout the games rich and vast world, the player encounters over 120 NPC’s, can cast 70 spells and apply up to 50 special skills to fight more than 100 monsters. Players will be exploring not only forest areas, mountains, desert, graveyards, catacombs etc., but also such incredible locations as flying isles/islands, demonical abysses or the fortress in another dimension.
The game’s unique character development system will allow the player to assign special skills, spells and equipment to any characters within the Group, allowing characters to grow and diversify their skills, but essentially to improve the party’s overall strength to win

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