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Contact Sales A320 Pilot In Command 2002 & 2004 PC

A320 Pilot In Command (Add-On For Flight Simulator 2002 & 2004)
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Contact Sales A320 Pilot In Command 2002 & 2004 PC
Highly detailed airliner "A320 Pilot in Command". This is a complete airliner simulation using a 3D Active Panel, which gives you full room to move and a new dimension of realism in MS Flight Simulator!
The A320 Pilot in Command offers a full airliner simulation with a 3-D active panel. It gives you complete freedom of movement, raising the realism altimeter to new heights. Developed and tested by an active Airbus pilot this add-on features meticulously detailed panels, the true to life Flight Management Computer (FMC) and dozens of nerve-wracking malfunction simulations. The virtual pilot will control the aircraft from FS2004s virtual cockpit. You can move anywhere in the aircraft, leave the cockpit, walk through the cabin, take a seat, etc. Interior turbulence and tuning effects make the flights an extraordinary experience. Panels shudder and shake during turbulence and heavy turns. Including a full range of liveries from international carriers A320 PIC also holds a flight training manual, flight checklists, flight procedures and detailed descriptions of the aircraft systems and flight instruments.

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