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The third of the highly successful Flight Deck series offers the flight sim enthusiast the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE in aviation! New Flight Simulator 2002 & 2004 Compatible Software Experience the excitement rush of carrier-based flight! Try setting down a plane capable of supersonic flight on the deck of a short narrow slab that sways with the waves - a heaving deck can terrify even the most seasoned Navy pilots. Includes fully functioning realistic "arresting cables", catapult and booster shield! The new "Arresting Cables" program allows you to adjust and/or view the catapult speed cut-off used, accelerate/decelerate factors, detect the nearest cable-catch zone and check cable catch and flight status. An impressive fleet of aircraft await you in Carrier Operations... Each plane is dressed in authentic paint schemes and is beautifully rendered including animated flight control surfaces and accurate flight models. The fleet includes.. F/A- 18 Hornet F-14 Tomcat AU-8b Harrier Jet Sea Knight

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