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CONTACT SALES Flight Ventures 2004 PC

Flight Ventures (Flight Simulator 2004 Add-On)
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CONTACT SALES Flight Ventures 2004 PC
FS Flight Ventures adds a sense of purpose to you Flight Simulator experience. Instead of flying around randomly, this new expansion pack for Flight Simulator 2004 injects endless hours of adventurous and challenging flights to your computer sessions. FS Flight Ventures is a set of more than 25 exciting missions that will have you rescuing sinking ships, aiding stranded skiers, saving lost animals, preventing disasters, and much more. After you start Flight Simulator, youre automatically positioned at the defined starting location ready to go. Follow the briefing screen on the kneeboard and fly the mission. None of the missions are alike. As the chief pilot youll be asked to demonstrate your versatile flying skills. Good luck handling all of the varied assignments.

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