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Before Job Factory, users must choose from a set of careers that The Sims have available. Not any more. With Job Factory, you can edit any or all of the careers in The Sims. And, itll work with all installations of The Sims expansion packs as well! You can change the Entertainment career track to a Rock Star career track, or change the Medical career to an Accounting one. Designed from the beginning to work for beginners to experts alike, it allows you to change all aspects of a career. Job Factory lets you customize the text displayed for promotions and bonuses, set a gain or loss of skill points, adjust your SimsT mood while at work, set requirements for promotions, modify the icons to match your new careers and exchange your careers with your friends. Create customised careers with detailed job information Set skill and friend requirements for promotions Modify icons for your new careers such as a tank-icon for a career in the military Import and export careers to exchange with friends

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