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Contact Sales Wings Of Power Flight Simulator 2004 PC

PC Games - Wings Of Power (Flight Simulator 2004 Add-On)
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Contact Sales Wings Of Power Flight Simulator 2004 PC
# Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet.
# A fully clickable cockpit with authentically working switches, dials, and gauges.
# 3D cockpits so real, they look just like their photo-quality 2D counterparts.
# WWII air-combat veterans and modern warbird pilots were actively involved in creating the "feel" of these aircraft.
# Authentic Flight Models use wind tunnel technology to create the most fluid flying experience, including realistic stalls and spins.
# Accurate Engine Management means real-world fuel flow and cruise performance.
# New lighting and visual effects.
# Fly the famous heavy bombers of WWII and the ingenious German jet technology that opposed them through 50 missions.
# Over 100-page manual filled with pilot reports, authentic flight manual diagrams, rare factory blue prints, and other hard-to-find information.
# Built to take full advantage of Microsofts latest flight simulation technology

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