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Digital Jesters Total Sports Management Pack PC

Total Sports Management Pack - PC Games
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Digital Jesters Total Sports Management Pack PC
Includes: Pro Rugby Manager V1, Horse Racing Manager & Cycling Manager V3.
The exciting world of sports management is now available to you on PC-CD ROM. Can you take the pressure of running the biggest rugby clubs in the world? The hiring and firing, the match day tactics...they are all down to you.
Or take to the races as the owner of a stable. Buy the best horses, match them up with the best riders and even start your own breeding programme. Play your cards right and you could own a thoroughbred destined for greatness... but get it wrong and bankruptcy awaits!
Perhaps you consider yourself a tactical genius? Prove it by taking a cycling team to glory as you train them up and guide them through the mountains and the countryside in gruelling championships around the world

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