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DISNEY Monsters Inc PC

Monsters Inc - PC Game
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DISNEY Monsters Inc PC
2 Action packed arcade games
Loaded with great gameplay, favourite characters and stunning animation, these games are easy to learn yet difficult to master - perfect for everyone.
Scream Alley
Go bowling with Mike, gain power-ups and avoid obstacles!
2 difficulty modes - Scary (Easy) and Horrifying (Hard)
Steer your ball down the bowling lane, collecting power-ups, but avoiding obstacles
Knock down as many pins as you can to beat the highest score
Monster Tag
Jump high to collect all the kids stuff, then try to land without missing the see-saw.
In Monstropolis, the monsters must be very careful to avoid contamination by anything belonging to human children. They even have special teams of monsters who work for the CDA (Child Detection Agency). Help two of these brave monsters fly through the air on a mission to collect toxic materials. Launch the monsters off the see-saw to grab and destroy the items on screen.

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