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DISNEY Pixars A Bugs Life PC

Disneys/Pixar's A Bug's Life: Activity Centre Classic - PC Games
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DISNEY Pixars A Bugs Life PC
You`ll be bug-eyed with excitement at all you can do as you scurry through this world of tiny creatures. In addition to lots of playful activities your friend Flik is counting on you to help him save the colony by finding items he needs to build a grasshopper-keeper-outer invention.
Direct a super circus performance and your reward will be a much needed thimble.
"Waitress, there`s a fly in my drink"! Get the button Flik needs as you help customers who are itching for Tse Tse`s service.
It can bescary to scurry in the City. Finding the daddy of the little lost bug is the way to play your cards right.
Do a berry, berry good job helping the ant foreman and the flower will be yours.
Includes a virtual bug camera to take photos and save in yourown bug scrapbook!
Create and make a bug board game with stuff you find - just like Flik does.
Create printable puppets and a theatre where you can put on your very own show.

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