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Tarzan - PC Games
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Fasten your loincloth, because you`re in for a running, jumping, climbing, tree-surfing, vine-swinging good times! As Tarzan you`ll grow from a boy to a man as you make your way through 13 levels of jungle jammin` 3-D excitement.
Suft the trees - the coolest way to explore the jungle!
Edge-of-your-seat perils - rhinos, alligators, snakes and elephant stampedes ... RUN!
Take on the ferocious Sabor in intense battles of strength, agility and cunning.
Get ready to cause havoc as you trash thecamp with Terk!
Immersive high-resolution 3-D graphics.
13 action-packed levels plus 5 challenging bonus levels.
Special video clips from the feature film.
Play Tarzan both as a boy and as an adult, Tarzan`s feistyape friend Terk, Tantorthe elephant and Jane.
Featuring voice talent from the voice.

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