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dreamcatcher Cops 2170 The Power Of Law PC

Cops 2170: The Power Of Law - PC Games
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dreamcatcher Cops 2170 The Power Of Law PC
In the future, the government watches over everything for the "safety of the public"; society is under their complete control. Microchips are embedded into each human being allowing the government to keep track of everyone. This is the world where Kati, officially Katrin, a young police officer, an athlete and also a beautiful woman, lives in. A world that is about to collapse and where Kati and her fellow officers have to face the dangers of the street...
* 13 levels of tactical strategy and action with non-stop action and awesome graphics.
* Click and Kill RPG gameplay in an entirely 3D top-down view. Switch to first person view at any time, for a highly immersive and combat-oriented experience.
* Control up to 8 squads of police officers in the middle of fierce urban fighting and riots
* More than 60 weapons and huge environments: police department, underground, city of mutants, gigamarket, totalizator, factory, sky city...
* Dynamic scripting system: every choice made by the player has consequences in the world of COPS. Though critical, strategy wont be will also need some guts!
* Limitless character development possibilities.
* Isometric third person view.
* 60 Non-player characters to interact with.
* 200 quests to keep the player moving along the non-linear story.

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