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EA Anno 1503 Treasure Monsters & Pirates PC

Anno 1503 Treasure Monsters & Pirates - PC Games
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EA Anno 1503 Treasure Monsters & Pirates PC
With an amazing variety of new features the "Treasures, Monsters and Pirates" Expansion Set is the perfect addition to ANNO 1503 - The New World, which was one of the most successful PC titles in 2003. It took over 700,000 enthusiastic players an amazingly short period of time to discover, settle and create their own wonderful world. The official Expansion Set offers exciting new challenges, additional detailed graphics, optimised game functions and new adventures that make "Treasures, Monsters and Pirates" an absolute must for ANNO 1503 fans. Amongst the enrichments to the world of ANNO 1503 are three new continuous play games and twelve more single-player scenarios in varying degrees of difficulty. A new battle scenario designed especially for newcomers offers players a quick sense of achievement. Expand ANNO 1503 and set sail in search of treasures in a world of monsters and pirates.

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