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EA Battlefield 2142 PC

Battlefield 2142 - PC Game (Barcode EAN = 5030930050917).
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EA Battlefield 2142 PC
* Titan Mode Wage epic-scale war to defeat your opponents Titan, a massive flying warship, controlled by the teams commander. Players must destroy the Titans shields, board the craft, fight to its reactor core and detonate it from the inside all while defending their own Titan
* 64-Players Online* Experience all-out war with Battlefields legendary multiplayer for up to 64 players
* Real-Time Persistence To the victor goes the spoils! Equipment, medals and other rewards are awarded in-game and in real time. Choose an unlock and have access to it immediately next time you spawn. The game features five times more unlocks than Battlefield 2
* Customizable Abilities Gamers can expand their abilities and blend multiple player classes to match their play-style
* Lethal Vehicles Gamers control menacing Battle Walkers that stalk the land and futuristic gunships that patrol the skies. APCs and high-speed recon vehicles keep the action fast, furious and unpredictable
* High-Tech Weaponry EMP grenades, sentry guns, smart mines, cloaking devices, and more change the rules of the Battlefield forever.
* The world has changed Fight for survival on the Battlefield of the 22nd century in brand new locations from Minsk to North Africa as the ice presses down from the North.

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