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EA Clive Barkers Undying PC

Clive Barkers: Undying, PC CD-ROM (Barcode EAN = 5037999006732). (Barcode EAN = 0649241494980). (Barcode EAN = 5037999006732).
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EA Clive Barkers Undying PC
1899. At the island of The Standing Stones, Jeremiah Covenant and his four younger siblings read aloud a dark ritual that unleashes an unimaginable horror on the world. Now, years later, as Jeremiah lies dying last hope rests in the hands of his old comrade Patrick Galloway. As Patrick Galloway, you are armed with arcane magic and a six-shot weapon of forged metal, fight Legions of fiends including pack-hunting Howlers and the mind-shattering inhabitants of Oneiros, all in Richly Detailed Environments, through massive Covenant estates and two parallel universes.
OS: Windows 95/98
CPU: 400 MHz
Ram: 64 MB
Disk Space: 350 MB
3D Graphics Card

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