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EA Need For Speed 5 Porsche Classic PC

Need For Speed 5: Porsche Classic - PC Games
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EA Need For Speed 5 Porsche Classic PC
Propel yourself into the world of Porsche to test your reflexes, guts and driving skills to the absolute limits with a seat-of-your-pants open-road, drive-of-your-life... Weave through heavytraffic, run from the police, scream through urban environments, coast roads, motorways and mountain passes ... taking the full responsibility of driving these supercars to their absolute limits ... and beyond. This is the pinnacle of PC road racing. Areyou ready?
Drive 50 years of Porsche - 80 Porsche models including the first 356 from 1950 to the brand new 200 311 Turbo. Porsche`s rich history detailed through videos, slides, narration and statistics.
More Than Just Racing - Two UniqueNew Driving Modes - Experience the ultimate racing career in the Porsche Evolution Mode. Start with the 1950s 356 and drive through history. Join the Factory Testing Crew and experience the most exhilarating job in the world in the Factory Driver Mode. Mission based challenges that push you and test your driving skills.
Revolutionary New Game Engine - The next benchmark for graphics, performance and thrills. Real-life dangers, gut-wrenching crashes, damage, traffic and police, 2000 polygon cars, highly detailed 3D cockpits and more cars to download for free from the Need for Speed website. Mulitplayer racing via modem and LNA.
Nine european open road courses - plus five purpose built race tracks - including alternative routes, intersectionsand extensive short cuts.

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