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EA NHL 2002 PC

NHL 2002 for PC
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EA NHL 2002 PC
Turn on the red light and your team mates mob you. Dominate the boards and the crowd wants more. Score the Stanley Cup winner and you're a legend. EA Sports ramps up the noise, the glory, and the sheer physical force of NHL hockey to deliver higher levels of intensity and emotion. With more customisation, stellar gameplay and graphics, and a unique card-based reward system, NHL 2002 takes you from the locker room to the ice, to the shoulders of your team mates. Get on the ice and be the hero.
See the action from a whole new angle with the breakaway cam and be the hero of the most exciting play in hockey. Show off crazy skills and dazzling moves to earn cards for boosts, cheats, and other cool stuff. With EA Gamestory go in a whole new direction and follow the game's story in cinematic and audible detail. Come from behind by getting your home crowd pumped up or by quieting the thronging masses. An emotion meter gauges the crowd's reactions, which your team will respond to.
Upload custom jerseys or put yourself in the game with an array of hairstyles and facial features with the new create-a-player feature. And then take customisation to the next level by downloading your own MP3 or .WAV files into NHL 2002, and win the Stanley Cup to your own custom soundtrack. You can even take on NHL 2002 fans worldwide online

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