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EA Sim City 4 Rush Hour PC

Sim City 4: Rush Hour - PC Games
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EA Sim City 4 Rush Hour PC
With the new Simcity 4 rush Hour Expansion Pack your city is on the move. Get your sims on the road to happiness as you take control of your city's transportation. Take charge of vehicles en route to destinations or disasters, and take to the streets to control your city at a new level. Put Sims on the move in zeppelins, helicopters, ferries, and new cars. unlock more vechicle choices as you gain traction with your cities' transportation problems.
Choose from all-new road types including wide avenues, suspension bridges, or one way streets. Map out a seamless regional network that whisks Sims from one city to another. Add popular structures such as historic rail stations or classic Americana road marks. Go global and create your city based on a modern European building set. Make your final mark as mayor and personalize your cities by choosing street names, mountains, nighborhoods, and points of interest. In Simcity 4 Rush Hour, put your foot on the gas and get your sims on the go!

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