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EA System Shock 2 PC

System Shock 2 - PC Games
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EA System Shock 2 PC
From deep space comes a terrifying first-person role-playing game from the award-winning creators of System Shock. Developed to appeal to both first-person shooter and role-playing enthusiasts, System Shock 2 capitalises on the groundbreaking System Shock game design combined with the stunning technology of the new 3-D Shock engine. Create your own persona through a unique 3-D character generation system, and specialise in a variety of the skills, whether that's using hi-tech weapons, computer hacking, or even using paranormal psionic powers. Then once again match wits with the rogue artificial intelligence Shodan as you race to uncover the mysteries of the derelict starship Von Braun. With tremendous gameplay depth and the most atmospheric environment ever seen in a sci-fi role-playing game, System Shock 2 raises the stakes for such games.

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