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EA The Sims And The City PC

The Sims And The City - PC Games
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EA The Sims And The City PC
SimCity 4
Play God
- Sculpt mountains, gorge valleys and summon volcanoes to create a world imagined only by you.
- Swap your cities with your friends and see who has the coolest creation.
Play Mayor
- Build a world-class city with real world landmarks. Control every aspect and see the results for better or worse.
- Connect a massive region of Sim Cities, each sharing and competing for resources.
Play with your Sims
- Watch your city come to life with a population of Sims complete with rush-hour traffic, noon-time crowds and night-time calm.
- Place your Sims in your city to get the inside scoop on whats going on around town.
The Sims
Create Your Sims
Design Their Homes
Run Their Lives...
... Or Ruin Them
The Sims - Create an entire neighbourhood of Sims and run or ruin their lives with the full version of the best-selling PC game of all time.
Build and run your own city.

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