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EA War Strategy Pack PC

War Strategy Pack - PC Game
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EA War Strategy Pack PC
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: Early in the morning of June 6th 1944, a landing craft spills you into the cold, churning waters off Omaha Beach, just one of thousands of determined Allied soldiers in the D-Day invasion force. As Lt. Mike Powell, famed 1st Ranger Battalion and working on behalf of the OSS, getting off the beach is just one of your missions in your bid to rid the world of the forces of tyranny. - Battle your way through more than 30 levels - Explore Vast and stunning environments - An Arsenal of Authentic WWII Weapons - Enlist in Multiplayer Combat - Internet** or LAN Multiplayer combat with up to 32 players per game Battlefield 1942: In the air... in the deep... on the battlefield Fight your way to victory in the most intense battles of World War II. Choose your weapons and then jump into a raging firefight. From bazookas to battleships, a massive arsenal is at your disposal. - Wage war with up to 32 players! - Command over 35 devastating vehicles - Brandish 20 authentic weapon

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