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EIDOS Athens 2004 PC

PC Games - Athens 2004
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EIDOS Athens 2004 PC
Wearing your country flag on your uniform and representing your country in the Olympic Games is about honor, sportsmanship and the human spirit. Experience the tradition and passion of the Olympic Games while competing for the gold in 20 events for seven sports including Athletics (Track & Field), Aquatics (Swimming), Weightlifting, Archery and Shooting.
Olympic License - Athens 2004 is the only official licensed video gam
All venues modeled on real architectural plans of the stadia and official dressing of the Athens 2004 Games.
800 characters from 64 countries across 5 continents
Thirteen Athletics (Track and Field) Events
Four Aquatics (Swimming) Events
One shooting event
One Archery Event
One Weightlifting Event
Two Arcade and seven competition game modes from practice to the official Decathlon and Hepthlon combined events
Practice Mode - All worlds best, head to practice mode to sharpen your skills and nail down your timing.
Single event mode - in addition to playing for medals.,Single Event Mode award players based on a point system so that you then take your points to the Olympic store and exchange them for hidden items and features.
Competition mode - Individual, Decathlon, Hepthlon, Athletics (Track & Field), Aquatics (Swimming), Champion and custom.
Custom competition mode - players are able to create their own custom Olympic competitions.

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